H i g h-C l a s s   t r i f t s h o p   w i t h   b i s t r o   at   a l l s c h w i l e r s t r a s s e   4 9

T U E S D A Y W E D N E S D A Y F R I D A Y,   1 3 : 30 -   1 8 H T H U R S D A Y , 13:30 - 19:00 H


BROCKART reveals attics, studio rooms and cellar collections. At Allschwilertsrasse 49 wie show an inspiring range of beautiful things, all with history and patina. And our built-in bistro - the new living room in the Gotthelf quarter - delights with delicacies and treats from local manufacturers.

R e - U s i n g

Across decades and styles, all of our objects have one thing in common - they tell stories from days gone by. Collected and cared for many years, they are now looking for new enthusiasts in the BROCKART. Classic and design, Asia and Emmental, arts and crafts, good stuff and funny little things are all waiting to be discovered. To continue the story - new love, new happiness, recycling with charm.


C l e a R   t h e   h o u s e


Many things accumulate over time and sometimes the joy of having them turns into a burden. We are happy to help you tidy up, and let go. We guarantee we'll find the right solution. We'll find a new home for your treasures and we will properly dispose anything that is unusable.

Occasionally we work with specialists, e.g. for valuations of valuables or methodical support à la Marie Kondo - see here for more information.


BROCKART means original products. Our team will be happy to tell you more about origin and classi-

fication.  As a bridge to today's living, our treasures are presented on the ground floor on discreet USM and under good daylight. In the basement you will find larger objects, curiosities and specialties, small furniture and appliances of all kinds. A special corner is dedicated to our art treasures, from the framed original to individual sheets and graphic editions.

b i s t r o

BROCKART is new a bistro with locally sourced products. Our range comes from KULT, Haenowitz & Page, Klus188, Christine's, Teegarten, Kitchen Brew and Finkmüller & Co. All our manufacturers stand for high quality and speak to your sweet tooth. Imagine croissant, cinnamon rolls, fruit tarts and not to mention the pretzel bread and Don Chocolato. We carry a range of vegetarian options. Fancy some Swiss originals! We have Skavderkugel and Magenbrot all made daily. Why not pair your sweet treat with Coffee, Tea, Lemonade, or even Wine and Beer.